August 2019

Hello Gittan and Budi,

We just wanted to pass on the compliments for the well-organized trip! Received good travel information and through the good travel guides we learned a lot about Toraja and South Sulawesi. The bike ride in Barombong was great fun to do. The same for the cruise on Lake Tempe. The hospitality of everything and everyone always remains very nice to experience. Also compliments for our driver, quiet driver and every day the car neatly cleaned further. A very surprising place to stay was in Malino. Based on the description, we thought, we'll see. Nothing is less true. What a great address and beautiful house with the same view. Fantastic breakfast! Very friendly people and everything has been thought of. So yes, more than satisfied with our trip.


Cordial greetings, Jaap en Anke

Paul Pattiapon

June 2019

Due to private circumstances a delayed travel report of our vacation. A recommendation from a family member led us to Buditours, because they were very satisfied with their trip with Buditours.

In January we visited the Beurs van Berlage holiday fair in Amsterdam and made our wishes known to Budi director of Buditours.

My partner had 3 things on her "bucket list" and they were all in Indonesia.

The orangutans on Sumatra, the Tau tau dolls from Tanah Toraja on Sulawesi and the komodo varans on Komodo.

Moreover, we are no longer 100% either by age or physically.
With this information Budi tours and his team have made a program for us in which all our wishes were fitted in with the necessary rest periods. It was a great trip for us, good drivers and guides and accommodation. The guidance was excellent and where necessary we were assisted by the supervisors if the physical fails.

We visited 6 islands in 3 weeks with the necessary flights that were well planned, short waiting times at airports and the drivers were always ready upon arrival.

On each island had a different driver and guide, sometimes a local guide

They were all very helpful and nothing was too much for them.

The last days of the trip we were able to rest on Bali before we fly back to the Netherlands.

If I ever make a trip to Indonesia again, I will definitely go with Buditours and advise everyone if you want to go on holiday to Indonesia with Budi Tours.

Once again our thanks to you Budi and your staff who made this trip unforgettable for us.

Ellen Oomen and Max Westerborg

June 2019

Had a wonderful time in Bali and Lombok. Seen interesting things, delicious food, beautiful nature. Everything was arranged perfectly by Budi Tours. Nice guides, good connections with plane and boat. Great, we enjoyed it !!

Familie Van Ahee (Maart/April 2019)

May 2019

A great duo: Budi, our enthusiastic guide together with Ferdi, our reliable driver.

Thanks to their efforts we, the Van Ahee family, had a great holiday with the seven of us. This time our sister also traveled with her husband, who lives in Sukabumi.

We have now for the third time at Budi Tours booked a trip. Again 3 weeks with a nice large bus over Java and then 1 week in Bali for ourselves. Our travel schedule in summary; Jakarta > Bogor > Sukabumi > Bandung > Pangandaran > Purwokerto > Yogyakarta > Semarang > Rembang > Surabaya > Malang > Situbondo and finally on Bali via Lovina to Sanur. And finally to settle there in our paradise, hotel Puri Tempo Doeloe. With our own private swimming pool! Well arranged Budi!

Because Ferdi was now our regular driver (Budi has occasionally driven), Budi was able to guide us along the way and therefore tell us everything. We have visited many beautiful, worth seeing and historical places. Such as Fatahillahplein + the Café Batavia in Jakarta; the Suspension Bridge + waterfall near Sukabumi. We went to the mysterious Megalithic Site in Cianjur; we made a nice boat trip at the Green Canyon near Pangandaran and also visited the fish driers there.

The sulfur springs at Baturaden; the Peak Kleco with beautiful views over the valleys. But also a memorable walk to the Sumberawan Temple with sawahs on one side and a fast-flowing stream and a bad betjek footpath (according to Budi East Java's concrete!) On the other. And many more beautiful things ....

Budi often had his addresses for restaurants, where we could eat very tasty and .... not expensive ... and for me not spicy... He also invited us to eat at his place. Because the power had gone out, we ate very tasty with mood lighting (candles and flashlights).

Furthermore, a variety of beautiful city walks with Budi as a guide, among others in Bogor, Bandung and Semarang.

The hotels arranged by Budi were generally luxurious to very luxurious, such as Grand Preanger in Bandung and Majapahit in Surabaja; So very nice, nice to have experienced that once! 2 or 3 Hotels are suitable for 1 night, but certainly not for a longer period.

One of us had brought a drone. Budi was constantly looking for beautiful places to make aerial shots with this drone. And they succeeded perfectly.

In short, it had again become a memorable vacation. We have seen a lot, gained a lot of impressions and made lots of photos and videos of the many sights, the hotels and you name it.

A thank you to Budi Tours for arranging this vacation is certainly appropriate. Budi has expertly and with great pleasure guided us and showed us around beautiful Java; he is proud that he can show / taste / smell tourists 'his' country.

Ferdi has shown his driving skills in the busy (and in our eyes sometimes chaotic) traffic by taking us safely to our destinations by bus.

So, Budi Tours, Budi and Ferdi, thank you very much for your efforts. Who knows, we might see each other again.

Again the warm greetings from family Van Ahee.

Piet de Bruin

November 2018

Great trip.

Paul Mentjox en Marja Koene

October 2018

Great and perfectly organized trip with Budi Tours. With Ferdi as a very good driver in very busy traffic and as a very friendly guide.

On the way Budi was in our company several times, which was a very nice experience. In particular, eating at home was something to remember.

During our trip there was really nothing too much. We can therefore advise Budi Tours to anyone who wants to travel to Indonesia with confidence.

Fam. Vogel

October 2018

Despite our extensive and sometimes different travel wishes, Budi Tours has succeeded in putting together a fantastic and varied program for us. The hotels were great! and the drivers on Java and Sulawesi were very helpful and knew a lot about your beautiful country.

Kitty en Ruud Pattiapon

October 2018

Our trip was quite exceptional; vacation linked to family history research. The question of whether Budi Tours Indonesia could organize something similar (contacts with authorities, authorities), wWe are heartily answered with 'yes' and we must say that we have not been disappointed. We visited Jakarta, Palembang, Ambon and Bali. On Java and Sumatra we visited various churches and governments, on Ambon family (where we took care of our own transport) and on Bali we stayed in four hotels. We have experienced your help on Java and Sumatra as particularly pleasant.

Luc, Gerda and 2 teen

September 2018

We had a fantastic holiday with Budi Tours during our tour in Java. Many thanks also to our ever-sympathetic guide Agus, who always brought us safely from one location to another. We are very satisfied with our vacation.

Jean Sporck

September 2018

In June to August 2018 we traveled over land for 7 weeks through Sumatra, Java and Bali. Budi Tours has organized this long and intensive journey for us in a fantastic way. First they made an inventory of our wishes, after which Budi Tours filled in a great trip for us in which everything was taken into account. In these 7 weeks we have not been able to discover a single downside. Budi Tours has lived up to our confidence in everything. Our thanks also to the 2 Budi Tours drivers. Erwin on Sumatra: a great man who managed to find the special sights everywhere.
In Java we had Ferdi as a driver. He too has made our trip unforgettable with his attention and attentions. We want to recommend Budi Tours to everyone. Your confidence will certainly not be ashamed.

Jean and Ton Sporck

Mieke Poot

September 2018

Our trip to Bali, Sumba, Flores, Komodo Islands and Lombok was fantastic. What a fantastic experience you have. Very varied and well organized. Budi was also easy to reach if you needed him and immediately arranged things that were needed. Even during the Lombok earthquake, he gave good advice and arranged a different hotel for us. We have felt well supported. The trip went well and is recommended for anyone who wants to see and feel more of the culture!
Thank you Budi Tours!

F. Hop

September 2018

Budi Tours offers everything you expect from a tour operator. Friendly, helpful and lots of knowledge from and about the country. A pleasure to make a journey together!

Roderik Frankcen

August 2018

We had a fantastic trip across South Sulawesi. Everything was well organized, the travel program was well organized and the hotels were of good quality. The highlight for us was the bike ride through Malino and the boat ride on Lake Tempe. We would highly recommend Budi Tours! Thanks for the good organization.

Eric Vuijk and Brigitta Gabrielse

January 2018

Very enjoyed our vacation in Indonesia! I experienced and seen a lot, very varied and learned a lot from Java. Certainly thanks to the fun and good support from Budi Tours, Budi and Ferdi. Learn what grows and flourishes, how people live and work and look for animals.

Wim and Irma

December 2017

Experience a great holiday in May with Budi Tours. It was not the 1st time for me and certainly not the last. Budi Tours brought us to places where another organization does not go. Really among the population. Budi knows a lot about the country and the population. Budi feels exactly where your wishes are and throws a bit of creativity through it, so that not a single day was boring. Partly because of this, his cheerful mood and helpfulness we had a very nice holiday. We wish Budi and his wife Gittan and the two kids a Merry Christmas and a successful, but above all healthy and happy 2018.

Lots of love from Wim and Irma.

Big compliment!

Family Bruins

After the first meeting during the Holiday Fair in Utrecht, everything went really well. Offer and tour were well taken care of.

Recommended! The driver during our trip also deserves a big compliment.

Great guides and drivers

Family Daalhuisen, april 2017

What a wonderful holiday we had! Thanks to your good organization and the great efforts of the guides and drivers Helty and Wau, Sofyan and Budi Arta and the local guides, we have been able to experience the beauty of Indonesia. We saw the most beautiful places, had nice contacts with the population, we were treated to delicious fruit and other snacks and did the best activities. Budi Tours. thank you very much for this great experience!

Had a wonderful holiday!

Family Van Ahee, maart/april 2017.

In December 2014 we (5 people) had Budi Tours arrange a one-month holiday. We liked this.

We (now with 7 people) have therefore decided to call in the help of Budi Tours again for the composition of our holiday during March / April 2017.

Our tour of Java would be roughly the same as that of 2 years ago, so 3 weeks in Java (starting in Bogor and with the bus to East Java) and the last week in Bali in Kuta. Some adjustments to our schedule were necessary due to planned visits to the Papandayan volcano near Garut, a bike ride near Yogyakarta and a visit to the Bromo volcano.

Budi Tours has arranged the airline tickets (Garuda) for us, the hotels, the 12 person bus, the various guides for the planned trips and jeeps to take us to the Bromo volcano. Budi himself drove us most of the tour.

We really enjoyed this vacation. We have seen a lot, gained a lot of impressions. Our planned trips were extremely satisfactory.

The beautiful crater lake Kawah Putih near Bandung, the Borobudur, and Prambanan, the Kraton in Yogyakarta and much more; we visited them.

And then there were the trips that Bidt had in store for us. Tsjonge, almost every day there was something to see or do. Such as city walks in Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya and Malang. But also visits to e.g. Kampung Naga, (a small authentic and traditional village) and to a number of "homely" businesses, where among other things. Bricks were made were worthwhile. Just like the trips by becak and angkot.

We have all been very impressed by Budi's love and commitment to his country. We have also received a lot of respect for his vast knowledge of Indonesia. Nothing was too much for him. Budi was always very cheerful, kind and caring for us all. Every morning he was present again with a big smile and a clean bus.

Thanks to Budi Tours we (again) had a wonderful holiday. And that tastes like more ...

Budi and Gittan, thank you very much for your good care and see you next time.

Greetings from the family Van Ahee.

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