Food and drink

Food and drink

Restaurants It is a bit dependent on the island where you are but sometimes it is better to ask for a menu where the prices are stated. If you do not do this, you may be unpleasantly surprised at the checkout.

PAY ATTENTION!!! Taxes (10%) and service charge (10% = NO tip! But is for the presence of a toilet and / or sink - to wash your hands before eating) are not included everywhere in the price on the menus. These are charged at checkout.

Tap water Tap water is not drinking water. Stick with mineral water. This is for sale everywhere in large and small bottles. In most hotels you will be offered a bottle of mineral water in your room.

PAY ATTENTION!!! Buying mineral water in a hotel is expensive. The driver will gladly stop for you to buy water on the way.

Teh dan kopi (tea and coffee) If you order it it is always served very sweet. In every restaurant you get either free teh (without sugar) or free water. This is cooked in the morning and then stored in large thermos flasks for a long time until it runs out and then it is replenished. That is why it does not always feel boiling hot.

Alcohol is not available everywhere and (trade in) spirits is even illegal on some islands. In general, any type of alcohol is expensive. Beer (Bintang / Anker / BaliHai) is easily available and affordable. Wine is expensive and - by European standards - of lesser quality.

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