Actief and Local Flores
Actief and Local Flores
Actief and Local Flores
Actief and Local Flores
Actief and Local Flores

Actief and Local Flores

6 days

An incredile local and nature experience. We walk extensively through the amazing green landscape, overnight at an traditional village. And experience local life to the fullest extend.

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You will visit:

City : Manggarai, Ngada, Ende

DAY 1 | Aankomen Ende - Moni

From the airport in Ende we bring you directly to the hotel in Moni. As soon as you take the pass to Moni, the light per kilometer becomes more beautiful. You pass a huge rock with Dutch text in honor of the opening of the road. a green route with artfully laid out rice terraces will pass you by. You can stop at a small local vegetable market and immediately feel the temperature difference. Moni is the gateway to Kelimutu. A small mountain village with a beautiful traditional core and a local regional market that is well worth the visit. Do not leave many stalls closed late in the afternoon. The purchase of a local traditional sarong will help you during the upcoming tour. in Moni there are several nice restaurants to enjoy a simple meal in the evenings. It is getting up early for most visitors.

DAY 2 | Moni - Ende

Before the morning you leave for Kelimutu (4am), make sure you are warmly dressed. It is already fresh at the top it is even fresher and the sun is still waiting. The car takes you to the parking lot and from here it is about 45min. walking on an average rising path and a staircase. Rather long than difficult. It is dark, but our local guide guides you. At the top you are looking for a place to wait for the sunrise. Coffee / tea can be obtained from one of the local vendors. Price is of course at a higher level but still affordable for European standards. Once the sun is up, the 2 lakes are clearly visible to you and give beautiful pictures. The third (dark) lake is behind you. Once the colors of the lakes were red, white and blue (nowadays more a shade of blue) which contributed to the local belief that the colors of the lakes on Kelimutu are created by the souls of the dead, where the soul is due to the color that matches in the lived life. Walk back to the parking spot at ease, enjoy the surroundings, marvel at the vendors who display their stalls every day. We drive you back to the hotel for breakfast and a short break. When you arrive breakfast the bikes and your local guide, the route through the beautiful pass will take you by bike. A guide guides you the car drives behind you. A nice trip that is mainly downhill. In Ende is the end of the trip, we stop at a restaurant for lunch. You will find your hotel in the same street. The rest of the afternoon is free to spend at the pool.

DAY 3 | Ende - Bajawa

After breakfast we drive on to Bajawa on the way we stop at the beautiful natural spectacle of the town SOA. In a very beautiful nature the mountain gives delicious hot water. The rivers below are suitable for swimming and there are also special 'swimming pools'. It's a beautiful place, but remember that especially on weekends many local people come to enjoy this place and it's pretty busy. When you have dried up (or your sarong has offered a solution again) we continue to the high Bajawa. A small storage place surrounded by volcanoes. Loved by travelers to make beautiful treks here and experience the traditional villages in the immediate vicinity. Warm clothing is necessary once the sun is down.

DAY 4 | Bajawa - Traditional Dorp

The center of the Ngada culture is Bajawa. Ngada is a people who live according to age-old rules in which ancestor worship plays an important role. In this culture, the caste system is still a life path followed. Together with a local guide you will discover today the systems of the traditional villages and you will walk through the vast green environment in which the villages are sometimes hidden. The car will take you to the starting point of the walk; a traditional village called Bena. This village is open to tourism and accessible by car. From Bena we walk to another village and you end up at a small traditional village hidden in its green surroundings. You stay overnight in this village. In the afternoon you can help the people with their tasks but it is not necessary. The overnight stay is simple these villages do not have hot or running water. The toilet is a squat toilet, with a scoop of water you pull through and often you shower in the same room with a water scoop (gajung) from a water bowl. It is a special experience drawn by simplicity. Again your sarong will offer a solution, the evenings and nights are fresh at this height, crawl in your sarong, it keeps you warm.

DAY 5 | Traditional Dorp - Bajawa

Also today we walk in this beautiful area, today the emphasis is on discovering the local coffee culture. Bajawa lies at the foot of volcano 'Inerie', this makes the soil very fertile in combination with warm days but cool nights makes the temperature great for the growth and production of Robusta coffee. We walk through coffee plantations to a small village where we meet the coffee farmers. On the way we pass a small dry crater. Again a beautiful walk through this breathtaking landscape.

DAY 6 | Bajawa - Labuan Bajo

Today we exchange Bajawa with the coastal town of Labuan Bajo. The landscape on the way to Labuan Bajo is still beautiful green, we drive through one of the most fertile parts of Flores. On the way we stop at a location where pure alcohol is made from Palm fruits in a traditional way. You can taste the local Arak, with several percentages of alcohol (75%) and buy, although we find the honey a better recommendation. There is also a possibility to stop at the Lingko rice fields, the round shape resembles a spiderweb, hence the name 'spiderweb ricefields' they have nothing to do with a spider web. The fields are a dimensional representation of the roof of the traditional village house. Every point in such a roof represents a part of the village and each part in a point represents a family. For a resident of Manggarai the hierarchy in the village can be read on these rice fields. After this we drive directly to the coast. We bring you to your hotel. After check-in ends our service.

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