West Java for adventurers (Ja10d)
West Java for adventurers (Ja10d)
West Java for adventurers (Ja10d)
West Java for adventurers (Ja10d)
West Java for adventurers (Ja10d)

West Java for adventurers (Ja10d)

10 days

A tour for guests who want to experience and who want to come in contact with the local population. We let you stay overnight in comfortable hotels but also with a Javanese family in a small everyday village. You will find relaxation in beautiful green Sukabumi, your soft hike and camping at active volcano and walk to next hotel in the vast nature of the Preanger and you relax your muscles in the hot springs at tea plantation area in Malabar.

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You will visit:

City : West Java for adventurers (Ja10d)

DAY 1 | Europe - Jakarta

You travel from Europe to Indonesia with arrival at Soekarna Hatta International Airport in Jakarta.

DAY 2 | Arrival Jakarta

You arrive in Jakarta. At the airport our driver is waiting for you at the arrival gate. He holds a paging sign with your name and is ready to drive you to your hotel. Rest of the day is free for leisure.

DAY 3 | Jakarta - Sukabumi

With a local guide you drive to the old Sunda Kelapa harbour. At Sunda Kelapa you start a historic city walk. Together you first visit Sunda Kelapa, have a look inside one of the traditional Penisi (if allowed and possible) and see the day labours carry (un)loading boats. Then walk from Sunda Kelapa past the old ‘wachttoren’ to Pasar Ikan. Stroll Pasar Ikan (just a short walk) and then walk past VOC Galangan (perhaps have a coffee break) pass the Batavia Hotel (Pasar Hoenderbridge) and via Kali Besar to Fatahillah square. The guide tells the story of the buildings you pass. At Fatahillah the guide will leave you and on your own you can visit some of the museums in the area (entrance not included). The car is close by and waiting at Fatahillah. You can end this visit with a drink at Batavia Cafe. Then you find your car and driver and drive to your hotel in Sukabumi.

DAY 4 | Sukabumi

Today if not done yesterday a walk in the area of the hotel. To get an idea about the Indonesian way of life you either need to be a very early riser or you go out around 4 or 5PM. Indonesian kampungs (villages) will then have the most activity as they tend to void the heat of midday.

DAY 5 | Sukabumi - Bandung

A beautiful scenic but long drive. We make stops on the way to photograph or just enjoy the scenic landscape. You arrive late afternoon in Bandung.

DAY 6 | Bandung - Garut

Departure at 07.00AM from your hotel. We make a stop at Candi Cangkuang. From the parking area a horse and carriage drives you to the river where you get on to a bamboo raft and sail/ float to this 8th century small Hindu temple (Candi Cangkuang). After your visit we proceed to small village Cisurupan where you overnight at a local house.

DAY 7 | Garut - Papandayan Vulcano

In the morning the car drives you to the parking area of Papandayan. You're guide joins you on route and from the parking area you start your walk up to the camping area of Papandayan. Good shoes and some warm clothing are advisable as it will be chilly when the sun is down and the grounds are quite rough. It is a soft hike to the moderately fit through amazing landscape.

DAY 8 | Papandayan Vulcano - Pangalengan

After an amazing night in complete silence. You get up early morning to experience a private sunrise. Usually there are no other tourists around. You enjoy breakfast and the area waking up in its full colour experience. From the camping ground it is a 6 hour walk through the rural area of the Preanger. You make some stops at Papandayan to receive a full active volcano experience. You can even swim in the crater lake if you dare too. Then you walk further over the mountain to Pangalengan. At Pangalengan you meet your car and driver to take you to your hotel.

DAY 9 | Pangalengan - Bandung

Breakfast is at leisure. You’ve discussed with your driver when he picks you up and you start with a short tour in the area to experience what everyday life of tea plantation workers and farmers is like then by car to Bandung. There is still sufficient time to have a city tour in Bandung. End of the day we drop you off at your hotel in Bandung located just across a great mall.

DAY 10 | Bandung - Next Destination

A car form the hotel drives you to the train station or Airport for your next destination.

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