Best of the best Sumatra (SBA29)

Best of the best Sumatra (SBA29)

29 days

A holiday for an active traveller, for someone who likes to experience and has the time to travel the complete island. Not only do we travel the Gunung Leuser National Park from several locations, enhancing the chance of seeing Orang Utans. We also stop at the spots to meet the indigenous and experience the influence of ancient cultures on daily life. A holiday filled with nature trails, jungle camping and volcano far views!

  • IndividualIndividual
  • GroupGroup
  • WalkingWalking
  • CampCamp
  • SnorkelingSnorkeling

You will visit:

City : Sabang, Banda Aceh, Aceh Tengah, Aceh Tenggara, Karo, Langkat, Bukit Lawang, Samosir, Tapanuli Selatan, Bukittinggi, Limahpuluh Koto, Sawahlunto, Merangin, Kerinci, Padang

DayDay to dayHotelNight(s)Type of roomTransportMeals
1Arrival PadangThe Axana2SuperiorTransfer, guide
2PadangCar, guide, Pagang Island day tourB,
3Padang - Kersik TuoSubandi Homestay2ROHCar, guideB,
4Kersik TuoCar standby, guideB,
5Kersik Tuo - BangkoPermata2SuperiorCar, guideB,
6BangkoCar, guide visit the Kubu TribeB,
7Bangko - SawahluntoOmah Pong1AC RoomCar, guideB,
8Sawahlunto - Harau ValleyAbadi Guesthouse2BungalowCar, guideB,
9Harau ValleyHarau Walk, cooking classB, L,
10Harau Valley - BukittinggiGrand Malindo2SuperiorCar, guideB,
11BukittinggiCar, guideB,
12Bukittinggi - SipirokTorsibohi1SuperiorCar, guideB,
13Sipirok - SamosirTabo Cottage2DeluxeCar, guide, ferryB,
14SamosirCar, guideB,
15Samosir – Bukit LawangEco Lodge2ROHCar, guide, ferryB,
16Bukit LawangJungle Walk, guideB,
17Bukit Lawang - TangkahanMega Inn1BasicJeep, guideB,
18Tangkahan - BerastagiGrand Mutiara1Superior TwinCar, guideB,
19Berastagi - KetambeWisma Cinta Alam1ROHCar, guideB,
20Jungle TrekTent1BasicLocal guide, porterB, L, D,
21Jungle Trek - KetambenWisma Cinta Alam1ROHLocal guide, porterB, L,
22Ketamben - TakengonMahara1BasicCar, guideB,
23Takengon – Banda AcehHotel Medan1DeluxeCar, guideB,
24Banda Aceh - Weh IslandFreddies Santai Sumur Tiga4BungalowTransfer, guide, ferryB,
25-27Weh IslandNo transportB,
28Weh Island - Banda AcehHotel Medan1DeluxeFerry, transferB,
29Banda Aceh - Next DestinationTransferB,

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