Best of the best Sumatra (SBA29)

Best of the best Sumatra (SBA29)

29 days

A holiday for an active traveller, for someone who likes to experience and has the time to travel the complete island. Not only do we travel the Gunung Leuser National Park from several locations, enhancing the chance of seeing Orang Utans. We also stop at the spots to meet the indigenous and experience the influence of ancient cultures on daily life. A holiday filled with nature trails, jungle camping and volcano far views!

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  • WalkingWalking
  • CampCamp
  • SnorkelingSnorkeling

You will visit:

City : Sabang, Banda Aceh, Aceh Tengah, Aceh Tenggara, Karo, Langkat, Bukit Lawang, Samosir, Tapanuli Selatan, Bukittinggi, Limahpuluh Koto, Sawahlunto, Merangin, Kerinci, Padang

Tourcode/Persons 1 2 3 4 5 6 Single room Surcharge HSS PSS
price in € per person*
Best of the Best Sumatra SBA29 4.955 2.605 2.275 2.085 2.020 1.890 615 70 310
  • HSS = High Season Surcharge 1 juli - 30 september 2020
  • PSS = Peak Season Surcharge 13 mei - juni, 23 - 26 december 2020, 30 December 2020 - 4 januari 2021
  • * Mandatory dinner Christmas and old/New Year not yet calculated.
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