Short Flores tour with Komodo 2d1n
Short Flores tour with Komodo 2d1n
Short Flores tour with Komodo 2d1n
Short Flores tour with Komodo 2d1n
Short Flores tour with Komodo 2d1n

Short Flores tour with Komodo 2d1n

5 days

Start the journey from Ende with visit famous sunrise at Kelimutu volcano, Bena Traditional village and spider web at Lingko and visit Komodo dragon.

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City : Short Flores tour with Komodo 2d1n

DAY 1 | Arrive Ende - Moni

On arrival in Ende you will meet my your driver who will transfer you to your hotel in Moni.  A short drive of approx. 1 hour but the landscape is incredible and treats you to some truly remarkable rice terrace views. If time allows it check out the old town and/or go to the local pasar, it is a nice first experience. Buying an sarong could prove usefull in the duration of your tour. It keeps you warm, you can sit on it and you can use it as a blanket when you change your clothes.

DAY 2 | Moni - Bajawa

An early start (4AM) to the Kelimutu volcano; where you experience a crater sunrise. From the parking area it is a 45-minute walk (path and stairs) to the viewpoint. We recommend comfortable hiking shoes or sneakers its not a difficult trail more a long path. Bare in mind to bring warm clothes at this altitude it is cold this early morning. At the top there are several vendors selling coffee or tea (approx. IDR 10.000/each). It is a mysterious place with it’s three lakes that over the years miraculously change color. Currently it is green, blue and black. It used to be red, white and blue. Adding to the mystery as the locals believe the souls of passed away villagers end in the colour of the lake suitable to life's lived. In your own pace you return to the car and then hotel for breakfast and freshen up. After this we continue to Bajawa. We stop at the beach of the blue / green stones. Also at the hotsprings of SOA both nice places to stretch the legs and drink coffee. In the early evening we arrive in the upper Bajawa where you go directly to the hotel.

DAY 3 | Bajawa - Labuan Bajo

The center of the Ngada culture is Bajawa. Ngada is a people that lives according to age-old Animistic rules in which ancestor worship plays an important role. In this culture, the caste system is still a life path followed. Together with a local guide you will discover the systems of the traditional villages in the morning. The car will take you to a traditional village. This village is open to tourism and accessible by car. After the visit to Bena you get back in the car and drive in the direction of Labuan Bajo. Again a long drive just after Ruteng we stop at the Lingko rice fields, the round shape looks like a spider web, hence the name 'spider web rice fields' they have nothing to do with a spider web. The fields are a dimensional representation of the roof of the traditional village house. Every point in such a roof represents a part of the village and each part in a point represents a family. For a resident of Manggarai the hierarchy in the village can be read on these rice fields. We drive further on passing Ruteng and end the day in Labuan Bajo, try to experience the sunset it is known as one of the most beautiful in the world.

DAY 4 | Labuan Bajo - Rinca / Komodo 2d1n

Start the day as early as possible! Before you reach the islands of Komodo / Rinca you are definitely on the road for 2 hours. A late departure means arrival in a too hot hour and then wild life is not active. Our advice with this 2d1n mini cruise is the following: On this first day you leave around 5am (consultation with driver) of the hotel in Labuan Bajo. The mini cruise is FB (fullboard) so water, coffee, tea for breakfast, lunch and dinner is sufficient present also watermelon is sufficient, however alcoholic drinks, biscuits, chips you may want to purchase extra. You arrive at the boat and leave at relaxed pace. We sail in a downward direction to Komodo, where you can see the Komodo canoes and make a hike. After this you can still snorkel in the afternoon the skipper is looking for a good place to spend the night. You can swim around the boat, while undergoing the sun you will experience the spectacle of flying flying dogs (bats). A beautiful sight from the deck of your boat.

DAY 5 | Rinca - Labuan Bajo - Next Destination

The next morning you start early again, as soon as you can, with a walk on the island of Rinca in the early morning you see the most wildlife and the varians are also the most active. A ranger and your guide will join you. Be aware that Komodo Varans are very dangerous and fast, follow instructions from rangers and guide. On the island you see some of Varans in the vicinity of the kitchen. An impressive sight then you take a walk. You can choose how long (during the long hike the ranger gets an extra allowance) and here you can encounter more wild Varans walking around in the wild. After your visit to Rinca you sail back to Labuan Bajo. In the harbor there is transport and you will be transferred to the airport directly for your flight to the next destination (departure after 14:00 PM)

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