Mix the Islands in the archipelago


Mix the Islands in the archipelago

On this page we give you insight into the possibilities to mix islands from the archipelago. Of course there is a classic mix where you start on Java and ends with some days Bali or a trip in which you combine Sumatra, Java and Bali good options, in which we propose a special journey with unforgettable experiences.

But there are also exclusive options to combine the islands.

  • Tranquil journey with culture and sun over the islands of Bali & Lombok.
  • Somewhat different in which animals and culture are combined. Besides Orang Utans and Borobudur you make a mini cruise where you see the Komodo dragons. You visit: Kalimantan, Java, Yogyakarta and the Komodo Islands.
  • Beautiful culture journey in which you visit many Islands is our ‘ Ultimate Experience ‘ here you experience the highlights of the islands of Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi and Bali.

Our islands mix is regularly update and further expanded but you see your travel desire not listed there, please contact us. info@buditours.org


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