Muslims in Indonesia are also enters the fasting month. Of Sunrise 3 april to sunset 1 mei it is the fasting month. During this period there by Muslims not eaten/drunk between sunrise and sunset. After 1 mei is the Festival and follows the Sugar feast on 13 and 14 mei. How strange this might also be sound but for most Indonesians goes, this is a period where one on happy. It is a period of rest, of reflection, of conviction, of family and togetherness, of faith and of food.
For a country with the reputation of life with it is strange to see how well a Indonesier are prepared for this month. If you are currently in Indonesia travels you will see many harvested rice fields, newly converted houses and new painted houses. Weddings, celebrations, school trips or short breaks all happening now just before the fasting month and with it is the fasting month actually a pleasant month for the traveler. Not only is there less local tourism so you have most of the sights for yourself. Also, do you have as a backpacker in this period the advantage that the more upscale hotels have not all good deals Muslims to their hotels.

Three things you should keep in mind:
1. Many restaurants (warungs) open their doors only from the afternoon as a Indonesier go search for food. In cities find e always a warung but if you're traveling better to some fruit and krupuk.
2. The mosques are in this period more active and share more frequent prayers by the loudspeakers of the mosque.
3. Ramadan concludes with the Sugar party. A period in which travel right very expensive and time consuming (not all Islands). Peak charges, sold-out trains/planes, crowded stations and airports, and above all very, very busy roads than the most normal thing in the world and are submitted by Indonesians worn with a smile.

You would have to skip Indonesia in this period? Oh, no, there are plenty of islands in the archipelago to enjoy a wonderful holiday. And even the Islamic Islands have their charms in this time, it is also a time of sharing and there are for each other and a good travel agent will inform you so that you arrive well prepared and can enjoy the unknown.

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