waar tradities en cultuur de overhand nemen


Centuries old traditions

Located in East Nusa Tenggara, between the islands of Sumbawa and Timor Leste, the beautiful island of Flores is characterized by serene landscapes and centuries old traditions. In the west, the island borders the famous Komodo National Park where the very dangerous but intensely impressive Komodo varanes still live in their natural habitat. The visiting tourists take the loons for granted. Past this National Park is a real gem of the belt of emerald.

Traditional villages provide insight into local peoples where traditions are passed on generation by generation. Not only consideration for family interests, but also village interests are central to everyday decisions. The simple but functional architecture of the strong, mostly wooden houses seamlessly connects to the impressive surrounding nature. On cobweb-like rice fields with a much deeper background, impressions are sometimes not correct. Flores provides a wealth of insights that surprise a Western way of thinking.

A trip to Flores can be as active and cultural as the traveler indicates. Walking, if desired hours but shorter can also, because of the beautiful green environment is actually a 'must' and can be in various locations. Especially the surroundings of Bajawa lends itself perfectly for a nice walk or soft hike. Spending the night in a traditional house, together with the locals bathing in natural hot springs or a few days of snorkeling from a simple fishing village are all possibilities that provide a varied journey for anyone who wants to experience contemporary Flores.

Most common tour is:

Labaun Bajo-Ruteng-Bajawa-Riung-Moni-Maumere

Not to miss:

Komodo dragon, Manggerai & Ngada Cultuur, Toejoebelas Nationaal Park, Kelimutu

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