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From the contemporary Jakarta in the west to the special blue fire of Ijen in the East, Java is the most accessible island of the archipelago. The sight of tea plantations and cacao trees on the slopes of volcanoes, that embrace the island like a belt, give an exciting variation in serene tranquility and breathtaking views. Rice field, after rice field displays shades of green that you have never seen before and with a perpetual smile a Javanese welcomes you to become part of their ancient traditions. If the coffee is not ready yet, it will be very quickly, to honor your visit to their house. Quickly, a traditional snack has been bought at the warung around the corner of the small kampung.

The most important island in the archipelago is for those traveling to Indonesia the perfect holiday destination. Only on Java it is easy to spend your days without getting bored for a moment because you will be entertained by the perfect mix of (historical) culture, beautiful nature and enough relaxation with or without beach. Java most likely will cause an archipelago virus that arises during the first visit to Indonesia and maybe also will set the destination for the coming holidays.

In the Early Bird tour, you will get a special and local Java experience. Who really wants to experience the tropics is tied to the cool hours of the day.

Combinations with other islands you can find in Island mix

Do you prefer a full Java experience and only a tiny bit of relaxation, then our 'Active & Adventerous Java’  tour, will be something for you. A complete trip of 22 days in which you have a full off-the-beaten-track Java-experience with also some relaxing on the island of Bali.

Java Highlights

The most beautiful highlight trip on Java is defined in our 12 day roundtrip with private transport Nostalgic Java. A complete roundtrip that shows a good and complete picture of the Indonesian everyday life, but also fits to the historical highlights. Also this trip ends with some relaxing days in Bali.

Not to miss!

Preanger area, Papandayan, Borobudur, Bromo, Ijen, Plantations, National park

Try this!

Ikan Mas (Goldfish), Keredok with Ayam Goreng in Bandung and nasi gudeg in Yogyakarta

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