All holiday extremes to be found on this island


Tour we suggest:

Little time: Via Toraja land and Tempe lake; in 13 days you travel from Makassar via Toraja, Tempe lake en Bira to Makassar. A short journey that shows only the highlights of the south and central Sulawesi. Possibly this trip can be expanded with snorkeling in Buton (A hidden gem). Take your time Must sees Sulawesi. The name of this trip already indicates it. In about three weeks, you experience all the beauty of South and Central Sulawesi. Not only the highlights are visited but there is also time and space for snorkeling and relaxation.

Most common tour is:

Makassar – Bira – Sengkang – Rantepao - Tentena - Togian Islands – Dongallo - Palu

Not to miss:

Buginese houses, Tana Beru, Lake Tempe, Tana Toraja, Lake Poso, Togian Islands, Bunaken/Buton snorkling

Food to eat:

Sate Krebouw in Toraja

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