The nature on this Islands is just mind blowing


Island for nature and culture lovers

Sumatra offers a wonderful mixture in nature, culture and relaxation. Whether you travel the highlights or walking on the unpaved paths, during each roundtrip on this long-stretched island you will meet traditional customs of the indigenous. When driving from location to location, the beautiful nature of forests and jungle alternate the green stretched rice fields and volcano mountains. Highlights include the great Orangutans in the Gunung Leuser National Park, Lake Toba with Samosir, Harau Valley, and the lesser known but breathtaking Kerinci Seblat. Beach relaxation is to be found on Weh Island and just off the coast of Padang.

Sumatra Highlights

A varied travel along the high lights can be found in our Classic Medan to Padang roundtrip a stepstone tour for each traveler. Are you looking for more action and would you like to experience something else? Our Local tour Sumatra offers an incredible detour roundtrip pass some lesser traveled tracks. The change of meeting wild Orang Utans can be found in our tour Off the beaten track Sumatra.

A short tour in Sumatra is also very suitable to combine with other islands in the archipelago. Sumatra, Java and Bali a popular island mix can be found on our website Islands combinations.

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Orang-utan - jungle trek, Lake Toba, Karo Batak, Samosir, Kubu, harau Valley, Kerinci Seblat

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Padang Padang, Bukittingi in Ayam Kacang

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