Personal compound tours

Personal compound tours

The trips that we organize for you are diverse. All our tours are based, however on the local experience. Every trip includes a walk, cycling, trek or hike. Often this is for every level but sometimes an excursion is only intended for a very experienced hiker or cyclist. Of course we indicate that in the program. We have the following types of tour in our range (not all trips occur on all islands):

Tour Package

icon-suitcaseThese are composed for travelers who want to see Indonesia but have no specific wishes beforehand. A package tour is a pre-assembled tour a certain number of days at a fixed price. Departure date is flexible and you buy an airline ticket independently (if required, we can assist with this)

Tailor-made trip

IndividualPreparation and cooperation are important if you are going to make a long journey. After our first contact in which you indicate what your travel wishes are, we will email an itinerary including a suitable offer. Which island of the archipelago you also want this first itinerary is the beginning of our cooperation so that your journey is tailored as completely as possible to your wishes.  

Honeymoon Packages


Seasonally 2015 Budi Tours offers no specific honeymoons more. All our tours are suitable for your honeymoon. But your special time deserves our special attention, and we read it like a trip honeymoon is sometimes there are little extras that we can add yet.

Cycle Tours


Besides short bike trips on Java Budi Tours also offers a new way of Java and Bali experience on the bike. For this trip you get chauffeur, local English speaking guide and biking along. You drive a prebuilt route but the road bike you certain parts of this route. The guide will cycle along. The car with luggage goes back or right ahead. The night spots are recorded vooaf departure dates are flexible.

WCT - Tour (Walking, Cycling & Tent)


These are 100% off the beaten track travel. We propose a global route together but night spots are not fixed in advance, we do give an indication. We try to camp on the road as much as possible. In the car (with driver) go with tents, bikes behind and with a local guide you experience the island. On the way there slept in a hotel, in people's homes and where possible will be camped.

Only Transport

At any islands can be read what kind we offer trips on the island. Since we are not possible only work with local partners to provide all the islands in the archipelago. Some islands, it is very difficult to find a good contact (quality we must continue to guarantee) which fits the journeys we want to offer.